Characteristics of a GPS Tracker You Should Know

by Edward Pond

Car theft has been on the rise recently across the globe. Every time you park your car, you expect to find it in the same position; unfortunately, this isn’t the case to some people. To increase the chances of getting the car back, most people install GPS trackers in their vehicles to monitor their location with ease. Different kinds of trackers are available in the market and at varying prices example, the plug in gps tracker. In this post, we outline the features of GPS trackers.

Features of GPS Trackers

GPS trackers have different features, some standard and are made during manufacturing, while others are add ons that are incorporated as per the client’s request. Some general features include;

1. Signal Reach

It refers to how far the GPS signal can go, either in your area or country. Very few GPS trackers can be used anywhere around the world, but most cannot. They are limited to one specific country; however, it is possible to have them set to allow signals to reach past the country’s borders. Some companies provide extension services at a small fee, allowing you to add more countries to your list. When buying a tracking device, always inquire about how far the signal reaches to prevent signal or GPS data loss. When traveling abroad and planning to go with your car, ensure that country is added to your plan for the tracker to keep functioning.

2. Real-Time Location Tracking

Unlike the old tracking devices, modern GPS trackers are enabled with this feature. Real-time tracking allows the car owner to point out the exact position of their car with the help of a map, alerts, or notifications.

One significant advantage is the user can still track the vehicle even when not in motion. He or she can tell which route the car is on, and the tracker even reveals the address. In addition, real-time monitoring allows the viewing of GPS information on multiple devices by several users.

3. Alerts/ Notifications

GPS trackers provide alerts based on your needs. You set the tracker to give you only the information you need, like a driver’s speeding or impaired driving behavior, route deviation, fuel consumption, border crossing, and theft.

The alerts help you keep your car safe and know how the inside and internal electronics are working. Timely alerts or notifications are sent to your phone, so there is no need to check the system all the time.

4. History of Your Trips

The tracker keeps a record of every trip made using the vehicle. It shows the movement of the car on the map, giving details of every route. It also includes the distance covered in miles or kilometers, the speed, stops, if any, and the engine time.

5. Geofencing

This feature allows users to form geofences or boundaries on the map. This process is intended to keep the vehicle within the designated area, and an alert is sent every time it goes past it.

Final Word

These features are beneficial to your vehicle as they are; however, you can customize them to your liking. You can also have others included if need to for convenience and better functioning of your tracking device.

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