Basics of a Backuptrans Transfer Tool

by Edward Pond

The backup trans is a kit with several utility tools that help you share your Android data to iPhone. A Backuptrans is a tool that enables you to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 12. Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app, and a lot of data gets passed from via its platform around the world. But, it is not easy to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone when one is doing a phone change, hence the need for a special tool. This extract expounds on the Backuptrans Android Whatsapp to the iPhone transfer tool and how it works.

Features of a Backup Android Software

1. Compatibility

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

2. Transfer of WhatsApp Messages into iPhone from Android

Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone enables you to transfer any attachment/message within WhatApp chats directly from your Android into your new iPhone without much hustle. Remember, this tool works by merging your messages and attachments within the computer before transferring them into your new iPhone.

3. Copy WhatsApp Chat History to iPhone from computer

By using this backuptran tool, you have the leverage to transfer only the content that you need. Meaning, you will not copy the who Whatsapp chat without previewing. You will have the chance to preview, select, and transfer only the content you need from your Android to your iPhone.

4. Photos, Videos, Audios Extraction

All files stored within WhatsApp chats will automatically get moved onto your laptop/desktop, and then they will get transferred into your iPhone 12.

5. Document Files Exportable Via Backuptrans

Five file types transferable are txt, doc pdf, CSV, and Html. Meaning, you can export the chats in any of these formats, depending on your preference.

Step by Step Guide on How to Use the Backuptrans software

Step 1

Ensure you have installed the latest version of iTunes, version 11.0 or above on your computer. It’s the only way you will successfully transfer data from Android into the computer and later into your iPhone. Lastly, to ensure all this hustle works without a clitch, all you need is a verified WhatsApp app on your iPhone.

Step 2

Install the backup trans software on your computer. Run the Backuptrans software and make sure your Android Phone and iPhone are connected to your laptop/Desktop via the respective USB cables.

Step 3

Backup all your WhatsApp messages. A pop-up message will appear; click the ‘back up data’ button. After that, your backuptran software in your pc, authorize it by clicking the ‘Ok’ option. The WhatsApp content that you backed up on your android with get transferred. But note, it might take a little more time if you have large data backed up, but eventually, it will be done.

Step 5

Transfer all Android messages to iPhone by clicking Android in the devices list you want to transfer from.

Go to the toolbar and click on the transfer messages part, which highlights “from android to iPhone.” Once you give the tool permission to kick off the file transfer, give it some minutes, and the job will be done.

Step 6

Select the target iPhone and confirm the transfer of WhatsApp chats. It is important to note that; before copying any WhatsApp data ensure that the WhatsApp app in your iPhone is closed to avoid interference.


If you want a method to move any WhatsApp messages/data from an Android phone to an iPhone, backuptrans is the best tool for such a job. It is rated as one of the safest and most convenient tools to use.

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