5 Websites That Sell OSRS Gold 

by Edward Pond

What is OSRS gold? OSRS gold, commonly known as Old School RuneScape gold, are coins, gold pieces referred to as money. You have 1000 coins widely referred to as 1k, while 1,000,000 coins referred to 1mil or 1m. They act as virtual currencies used to trade in-game resources where you buy and sell OSRS gold. Trading coins on the website comes with a risk as there are many scammers online. With many choices available, choosing the best place to trade can be hard. Here are some of the best sites to buy OSRS gold.


PlayerAuctions, established in 1999, with its headquarters in Shanghai, is a digital market platform connecting OSRS gold buyers and sellers. PlayerAuctions provides a safe platform for both buyers and sellers to trade. They also offer some of the most advanced game accounts. PlayerAuctions has stood out from many websites for always providing top security, fast delivery, and competitive OSRS gold prices.

Eldorado Gold

Eldorado provides some of the most competitive prices when it comes to OSRS GP coins. Apart from their trading protection safety features, a buyer can see how much stock the seller is holding. The website also provides 24/7 customer service and fast delivery time.

Gold Mine

gold Mine is one of the best RuneScape gold trading sites. They offer competitive prices on OSRS gold with quick and easy trading experience. RSGold Mine has a score rating of 9.8/10 on Trustpoint, making it one of the most reliable OSRS gold mine sites. Users can also enjoy their loyalty program to win prizes.

Ariba Gold

Ariba gold, established in 2016, gets its name from the animated cartoon character Speedy Gonzales where Speedy prides himself in providing speedy services to his customers. Ariba gold offers fast, secure, and reliable trading options. You can buy, sell and swap OSRS gold coins safely on Ariba Gold. Ariba Gold has a spin wheel feature where you can spin and win gold from 1k to 10m.


Problemas are a reliable and secure OSRS gold trading website that was established in 2013. Probemas provides a 24/7 customer service thorough online chats that are very helpful to users. They also have a loyalty program where you gain points every time you buy OSRS gold. The loyalty program is upgraded to levels as you continue buying. Bronze level buyers get 1 point per $1. The higher your loyalty level, the higher the points gained. This is a fan favorite because it allows you to earn OSRS gold as you buy.

OSRS Gold trading can be lucrative. However, getting to this point can prove challenging, like any other digital and virtual trading forum, the stakes are high. Ensuring safety while trading online is essential. To avoid falling victim to online scammers, it is advisable to trade on verified websites. Getting value for your money is also key. The five websites above are verified websites that have put measures to ensure both buy and seller interest are safeguarded while also offering competitive prices.

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