The Capabilities of HMS Site Kit

by Edward Pond

Huawei site kit is all over the news, and maybe you don’t know yet what it entails and what its capable of doing. You don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about Huawei Site Kit.

First, you must understand what the Huawei site kit is, and then you learn its capabilities. So, with the site kit, developers have unlimited access to wide location-based services.

HMS Site Kit Capabilities 

It includes a plethora of core capabilities that include;

  • Based on the user’s device’s location, they can be able to explore all the nearby places. What makes it even better is the fact that the search for nearby places is not only fast but also efficient.
  • All the place searches include the details of that specific place. Therefore, it means that in addition to all the places nearby matching your search, you can as well obtain details for every place on the list. For instance, if you’re searching for a restaurant, you’ll also be provided the user ratings, exact location, working hours, direction there, and several other data points.
  • It provides an intuitive search suggestion. Every time you search for something, it brings forth a suggestion list that’s on point and perfectly matches your query. For that reason, the research provided here is referred to as smart keyword research.¬†
  • It also offers a geocoding feature capable of even transforming street addresses into easily readable and followed coordinates, and the reverse is also true.
  • Also, with the Huawei site kit, the user can be able to calculate the time zone based on their current location.

Therefore, it’s very evident that every developer requires the kit to build an app that will let its users explore the surroundings and be an app that’s worth having.

Global Coverage

Huawei site kit offers coverage over a wide area that covers more than 150 million places that are spread in more than 200 countries across the globe. Therefore, a developer who uses the kit will have access to the global coverage of users. Moreover, it also features more than 13 languages that expand the horizons. Furthermore, the list of countries, languages, and places is added regularly.

Top Resources

As a developer, you’ll also be presented with a plethora of top-quality resources that will make your app even more intuitive. For instance, the kit offers support for resources such as; API reference library, SDK download, development guide, which offers detailed instructions for integrating the kit, a collection of case studies that provides access to several code snippets as well explains the use of the APIs.

When it comes to the service scenarios, the Huawei site kit can be used in all service scenarios. For instance, it offers detailed exploration with relevant suggestions and precise address acquisition. Therefore, it means that apps that use the Huawei site kit are at the top of the game, and getting lost should never be a concern.

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