How a business can make money with in-app purchases

by Edward Pond

Perhaps you plan to build your first mobile app to generate extra income for your business, but you have no hint where to begin. First, you should understand how a business will yield maximally from the app. Significant drivers to business success with the mobile app include researching competitors, business objectives, and your target audience’s nature.

While focusing on in-app purchases, app developers should understand that the process is mostly about satisfying users’ needs and the business at large. App owners need to learn significant techniques to optimize in-app purchases to make more money with the app.

The following are ways to make money with in-app purchases.

Provide relevant content

Online shoppers are likely to be keen on their activities online, especially when it comes to making payments. A business with limited detail about the items and the payments, customers might look for other options to purchase items. App owners should provide relevant content on the app to help shoppers learn how useful it is to adopt the in-app purchase. Users are likely to apply to use the service once they read your IAP content published on the app.

Offer the right features

When you integrate in-app purchases to your app, you should typically include the right tools at the right time. If you control the features, you should know when to prompt payment for a user to pay for services. You can get started by providing critical items for specific offers to attract your users. You can also use the data generated from the user’s activities on your app to provide relevant suggestions and recommendations that can convince the users to pay for items.

One-time offers

You will likely draw a shopper’s attention by offering one-time deals on your app. Such offers are appealing; hence a shopper might be interested in taking advantage of the deal before it declines. Too frequent offers might get potential customers annoyed or position them into doubts. Therefore, you should stick to one-time deals on significant items to attract online shoppers to use the in-app purchase technique in your application. Once you convince the app users, the chances are that you will generate more income for your business.

Manage the difficulties of your app

If you are developing a game, you need to be careful in implementing the difficulties involved in purchasing items from the app. It would be best if you allowed users to skip specific stages they find difficult. Ensure the level of difficulty does not frustrate the user and end up quitting the application before purchasing any item. The same could apply to other business apps. Ensure the features, icons, and tools on the app interface are easy to understand and use throughout the purchase process.


While you are looking to maximize your revenue on your mobile app, remember to keep an eye on competitors. You should pay attention to the factor that will help to engage users and other aspects that will encourage the buyer to consider using the in-app purchase in your app.

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