Special offers on back to school France supplies

by Edward Pond

With the world coming out of the months-long quarantine, people are returning to the new normal of masks and zero human contact. Offices and businesses have reopened to help the economy, but most countries have decided to start their new academic year online for the sake of their students’ safety. As a result, the back to school shopping this year has transformed form new shoes, bags, and lunch boxes to improved internet plans, laptops, headphones, and other technological tools required for the digital as well as virtual learning.

Disclaimer: the codes and discounts in the given sale are only applicable for adults residing in the France mainland area.

special offers on back to school France: Laptops

Laptops are probably the most essential gadget for both physical and online classes. The students need them to attend class meetings, make presentations, format homework, check emails and access video lectures, etc. Previously the PCs in computer labs could be easily accessed by the students, which pretty much compensated the need for buying a personal laptop. But now it can trigger the risk of germ transmission even if your children are going to attend the school in person. These discounted magic books at the Huawei Honor website are a steal that can save you a handsome amount of money. Honor Magic Book 14 is available with a discount of 70 Euros (Special offer in here FR), while the Honor Magic Book 15 in this sale will also save you 70 Euros.

Special offers: Smartphone

The sudden lockdown in March of 2020 imposed a challenge to both parents and students as schools transitioned to remote learning. But now they have enough time to adapt to this new learning culture and brands like Huawei launched their sales to assist them. With their smartphones, your students can keep in touch with their classmates and teacher as well as access the vast library of online learning material whenever they want.

  • Huawei 9A— Available at the discounted price of 129.90 euros from 149.90 euros with the features like triple camera and 5000 mAh battery.
  • Huawei 9X pro— Down from its original price of 279.80 euros to 249.90 euros, has a memory of 260 GB and a triple camera of 48 MP.

Other Products 

Apart from phones and laptops, this sale extends to their smart wearable and Bluetooth headphones as well. With the noise cancellation and wireless headphones, the students can attend their Zoom classes, give presentations, and attend meetings without any interruptions. The smartwatches help them to stay updated with any advancement in the discussion groups, track their fitness, text their friends and attend calls. 

  • Honor Sports Pro— fast charging earphones with 120mAH battery that can last for 18 hours
  • Honor Magic Watch— With the discount of 110 euros, this watch is water-resistant.
  • Honor Band 5— the smart, sleek, and elegant watch are for the athletic students as it has a heart monitor, sleep tracker, and oxygen level monitor installed in it. 

 So, you’re a parent whose kids are starting school on Zoom this year, the following list of discounted items in the “Honor Back to school sale” is your ultimate guide to tackle the upcoming academic year.

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